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Last Friday architecture students ventured deep into MIT’s campus: down the infinite corridor to Hayden Library! It was a big change of scene from the typical one-minute walk between studio and La Verde’s, but food, fresh air, and an installation by two of our classmates beckoned. The installation, Unblocked, is a project by Evelyn Ting and Shiyu Wei, […]

Robots at the BSA!

Last Wednesday the Boston Society of Architects hosted the opening for their new exhibit, Volumetric Robotics, featuring work from a workshop at the MIT Department of Architecture taught by Brandon Clifford. The course explored the tradition of volumetric construction in ancient civilizations, a tradition lost in the economical veneer cladding typical today. The product is a collection of […]

Post-Sustainability Talk at the MFA

Two weeks ago I made it across the river for a talk at the MFA by Mitchell Joachim, an MIT SA&P grad who, according to Rolling Stone, is changing America. Mitchell is co-founder of the non-profit design and research group Terreform One, based in Brooklyn. His talk focused on a number of projects in ecological […]

Open Studio: Masonry House

Hi everyone, Please join us for the next Open Studio, which will be: The Masonry House Studio! This will take place next Thursday, March 6th with Brandon Clifford and Yung Ho Chang in Options Studio 5-414. We have previously been working on developing an appreciation and a notion of craft towards the Masonry tradition, or as […]

IAP in Action

While some people are off having international adventures this IAP, January here in Cambridge has been just as packed with activity. A sample of some of the things happening at the School of Architecture and Planning this month: First year M.Arch students present three weeks of thermoform research and design (   A team of Masters […]

Playing with Plastic

First-year students are staying warm and busy over IAP this January with a three-week fabrication course focused on thermoforming plastics. We’ve been divided into two teams to design and build installations for the spring open house out of thermoformed plastic and a structural frame material. The course is an opportunity to become acquainted with the […]

INTERVIEW: Section Cut

This week, I’m interviewing my friends over at Section Cut, an online design resource curated by young professionals. Listen in! Q: What is Section Cut? There are a few dimensions of S|C but, primarily, we’re a collection of highly curated design resources that design students and professionals can trust, organized by categories and filters. Our […]