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It’s Always Sunny in New Haven, Connecticut

A few weeks ago, Core 2 studio ventured across New England to sunny New Haven, Connecticut. It’s tempting to say the best part of the day was a huge pizza feast at Bar (rumor has it New Haven pizza beats slices in NY), but even on a full stomach, walking around the city was lovely. And, […]

When Models Die

To architects models are important. Initially, we rummage around all the Blicks and Home Depots that Cambridge has to offer, and eventually we sequester ourselves around the studio, whether it be at our desk, a newly claimed work table, or even the nearest right-of-way for our fellow studio mates. Soon after, we begin to pour […]

#BestAnimal: Bringing Cute to the Final Weeks of School

I know everyone is feeling tired and a bit dispirited these days so I thought: “Time for the cutest blog post that’s every happened.” If you’re on Instagram follow the user “BestAnimal” or you can view it from your browser here:

A Beacon on the Hill

On one of the site visits of the real estate elective (11.354 Real Estate Products Seminar) that I am taking this term, the class was given a tour of a private bio-medical R&D tower in Longwood, where Harvard Medical School and numerous hospitals and research facilities are located. The building, Center for Life Science, is one […]


I’ve been following these comics (see below) on and off for a few years, and it seems like a good time to tell other people about them. Each one has a distinct character but they are written by the same duo: Natalie & Drew. I’m not going to get too heady about them, but they […]

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

With the fully changed, and now starting to fall of the trees, there are probably only a few more weekends of bike riding before 1. it gets too cold and 2. the end of the semester crunch means I’m in studio full time. I thought I’d share my favorite Saturday morning ride out to Concord. […]

Experiments in Communal Living

It seems like most urban design studios focus projects in cities. This makes sense- urbanity implies density, so conflating design opportunities with large population centers is perfectly logical. I traveled to San Francisco with my studio mates last semester. Other recent MIT studios have traveled to Caracas, Mumbai, Bogota, and Barcelona. We are taking a […]