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M.Arch Thesis – 2015

A second life for ArchKiosk! In an effort to make student work, theses in particular, more accessible we’ve gathered abstracts and links to the full thesis on DSpace below and on the department’s website, MIT requires all students to upload a PDF of the thesis document to the Institute’s depository, DSpace. Though this has created […]

Updates to Arch_Kiosk!

After a summer hiatus, Arch Kiosk is back and better than ever. AK is in the process of updating the site in ways that make it not only a hub for student interests and discourse, but also a compendium of student resources and events. Check out the new resources tab, top right- housing information about […]


 When you graduated high school, did your yearbook have a spread of “superlatives”?  Where people would get recognized (or condemned) for a certain characteristic?  I don’t remember what mine had…I think there was a lot of controversy around it and people were worried about offending people or leaving people out. I mean, we were all raised on […]

Store-Bought Emotions

[This post includes reference to another blog post, ].   On the Friday before Spring Break, a few friends and I walked over to The Muddy Charles.  No, not the Charles River-that’s icy right now after all.  If you are still clueless about The Muddy, it’s a bar on campus.  A BAR ON CAMPUS! Yea, it exists. […]


Not to brag too much, but I have some friends doing pretty cool things out there in the world. One such friend, Alison, is writing for The Huffington Post food section and recently published an article, “International Foods That Are Hard To Find, From Fish Sperm To Duck Embryos.” Knowing that I’d been lucky enough […]

El Croquis for Sale!

The holidays have passed and as a new architecture student, I learned that relatives near and far want to send architecture books as gifts. It makes sense: there’s an abundance of architecture books out there and everyone loves a large-format book with pretty pictures. So, I received a few architecture books over the holidays. But, […]

Thesis Advisers: Choosing Mister or Miss Right

I’m working on my thesis. I think I mentioned that before. Its funny how people’s interest in what you’re doing during thesis seems to be in direct proportion to how soon they’ll be undertaking the thesis project themselves. I’d say the number one question I get is: “How’s it going with your adviser?” In my […]