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Bogotá-Santiago-São Paolo-Mexico City-Barcelona

Five advanced studios have the great privilege to travel and visit studio sites during Spring Break. Students are currently in Bogotá, Santiago and the Atacama desert, São Paolo, Mexico City, and Barcelona! More photos + reflections to come. ‘The Radical De-substantiation of Architecture‘, considers the Atacama Desert in Chile, “both the ancient settlements in the San […]

Sidewalk Geometries

I’m taking a design workshop this semester with Tarek Rakha and Christoph Reinhart, a course called “Comfort in Motion” that investigates bikeability and outdoor thermal comfort in Cambridge. We’re in the process of developing a metric to assess bikeability, which has involved biking around the city and rating streets in categories such as street infrastructure, landscaping, […]

Post-Sustainability Talk at the MFA

Two weeks ago I made it across the river for a talk at the MFA by Mitchell Joachim, an MIT SA&P grad who, according to Rolling Stone, is changing America. Mitchell is co-founder of the non-profit design and research group Terreform One, based in Brooklyn. His talk focused on a number of projects in ecological […]

Extreme Tourism in Venice: A Conversation with Shun Kanda

In 2008, British economist John Kay proposed to the famed Venetian Academy to turn the lagoon city of Venice into a Disney theme park. Although the proposal was framed as “the most kitsch images about Venice and its future”, it certainly put many pressing concerns and realities of the city on the spotlight.  I happened […]

There and Back Again: An MBTA Adventure

Our site for Core 2 is Lechmere Station, the end station of the Green Line. Right now, we’re designing a roof over the current station, and we’ll spend the second part of the semester designing a library at the station’s new location when the Green Line extension to Somerville is constructed in 2017. The site […]

UNDERWATER: Facts from an Aquatic Semester

So, this is my first semester of freedom at MIT. That is, the first semester where I was in charge of choosing all of my classes- no core studios, no required classes on how to make a grasshopper script, no droning lectures on planning theory. So I should be having a lot of fun, right? […]

Microscopic Observations of Venice

Having only learned about Venice from secondhand accounts, postcard images and fictitious novels for a very long time, I finally had the opportunity to experience this beautiful city in person earlier this month. Built on stilts that suspend a ‘ground’ on top of the Adriatic Sea, I was always curious about how such a city […]