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An Artist Who Unbuilds to Build — Christianna Bonin

As part of the guest post series, PhD student Christianna Bonin writes on the current exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts center, “Katrín Sigurdardóttir: Drawing Apart”. See it before the exhibition closes on April 12! — AK I employ architecture to describe places; I copy architecture to redraw and re-experience a moment. Whereas the […]

Guest Post: Qalandiya International Art Biennial

Nisa Ari, a PhD student in the History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture program, writes on her research trip to the Qalandiya International Art Biennial. – AK — Last October, I had the good fortune to be in attendance at the opening events of the Qalandiya International Art Biennial, which took place across Palestinian […]

COLOR with William Miller

Two weeks ago, Professor William Miller led a Lateral Studio on color in which participants created a series of paint studies to understand how color is constructed and affects perceptions of space. Kelly Presutti, a PhD candidate in the History, Theory and Criticism program and Moa Carlsson, a PhD student in the Design and Computation Group, wrote about […]

Bruno Latour on Seeing, Arts CAST Symposium, September 26th 2014

In few words, the Bruno Latour lecture during the symposium had a simple message; Art, especially in relation to scientific matters, is a means by which more people can become sensitized to their surroundings. During the lecture Latour adamantly posed the question, “how can one make one-self more sensitive to [phenomenon]?” Here he uses the […]

Culturunners Storytelling Symposium

Last Sunday I spent a delightful day at the #Culturunners storytelling symposium, over in the ACT Cube (E14-001). I confess, it was a refreshing change from the conferences I’m used to attending as an architecture history/theory/criticism student, in which a plethora of Distinguished Speakers hold forth interminably on a plethora of Esoteric Topics.


On September 18, Ana Miljački was joined by Hyungmin Pai for a lecture titled “Curatorial Confessions”. They discussed the curatorial process for the American and Korean Pavilions at the 14th Architecture Venice Biennale. Miljački was the co-curator for the American Pavilion, “OfficeUS,” along with Eva Franch i Gilabert and Ashley Schafer. OfficeUS looked at the […]

Boston Events: Circus + BCA

Circus for Construction opened this weekend at the Harbor Arts Festival!  The Circus is a mobile event space traveling to several cities in the northeast this Fall and is designed and built by a group of five designers, including Ann Lui (SMArchS 14) and Larisa Ovalles (SMArchS 16). A number of us made it out to […]