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Last Tuesday, I made my wall all the way across Cambridge to the GSD to see Denise Scott Brown. While much of the talk walked the audience through her three careers in South Africa, the A.A. and then the US, there are two points she made that stuck out to me that I’ll echo here. […]

GET READY! Fall Open House, Thursday October 31st

Open house is an exciting time; new faces, fresh ideas, and a chance to re-evaluate who we are and what we’re doing at MIT Architecture. The Spring Open House was a deciding factor in my decision to attend MIT- I resonated with people here and the ideas they were sharing. So, in my ever-dorky eagerness, […]

ARCHITECTURE FOR DOGS: The Future of Drawing Delivery?

The other day I googled ‘Sejima House Plans’ and this popped up: It peaked my curiosity, so I clicked on it. A video started showing Sejima and that dog. It showed that what I had at first thought was the result of an eccentric visit to the groomers was actually an elaborate dog-bustier. It showed the dog […]

Spain and Africa: Shaken and Stirred

I was able to take an extended visit to southern Spain and northern Africa (Morocco) a few summers back. In addition to drinking some great wine and dining on delightful tapas, I managed to visit a lot of the “greatest hits” of the region. Through Granada, Sevilla, Almeria and Marrakech, Fes and Gibraltar, I was […]

INTERVIEW: Section Cut

This week, I’m interviewing my friends over at Section Cut, an online design resource curated by young professionals. Listen in! Q: What is Section Cut? There are a few dimensions of S|C but, primarily, we’re a collection of highly curated design resources that design students and professionals can trust, organized by categories and filters. Our […]

Some Kinetics

1. Facade Yesterday, the Core III studio hosted a lecture by Hauke Jungjohann, the director of Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering in New York. The firm has been working of a lot of large scale architecture, such as with Fuksas on Shenzhen city new airport, and with Grimshaw in developing a three-dimensional roof structure. We also […]

Architects Without Websites

I was looking for some information on the landscape architect Michel Desvigne the other day. Of course, one of the first hits from Google was his website, and I was happily surprised to discover its a business card website. Contact information only, and no pictures. It got me thinking- what other stubborn designers forgo a […]