Robots at the BSA!

Last Wednesday the Boston Society of Architects hosted the opening for their new exhibit, Volumetric Robotics, featuring work from a workshop at the MIT Department of Architecture taught by Brandon Clifford. The course explored the tradition of volumetric construction in ancient civilizations, a tradition lost in the economical veneer cladding typical today. The product is a collection of walls, columns, and other prototypes, all created by students with the help of robotic technologies.

Volumetric Robotics 1

The class also published a collection of essays about the process, on view at the exhibit.

Volumetric Robotics 2

Volumetric Robotics 3

Volumetric Robotics 4

Volumetric Robotics 5

Piece carved from plastic bowls.

Volumetric Robotics 6

Wall carved by the KUKA robotic arm.

Volumetric Robotics 7

Volumetric Robotics 8

Some installations were interactive.

Volumetric Robotics 9

Edge treatment was a point of conversation.

The exhibit is on view until May 24th and is well worth the visit!


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