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Get your architectural sweatshirts!

The winners of the Course 4 shirt design competition are in! Click on the images to order your own! Sale open through Monday, March 23rd. Unrolled 4 Yes We Cantilever Share with your friends who love architecture, structures, puns, MIT course numbers, and laser cutting! Advertisements

Hey! What’s your thesis? [David B.]

Hey! Thesis returns with a spring SMarchs series! Up first: David saves the world with collective urban prototypes.   Who are you? D[avid] Birge   What program are you in? SMarchs Urbanism   Who is your advisor? Miho [Mazereeuw]   How does thesis make you feel? Excited, nervous, tired   Draw us a picture of […]

Happy Hour Friday @6pm with Alumni and the Dean!

See you there! -ASC

Tiny Desk Interview! [Alexis]

We’re continuing with Tiny Desk Interviews this week! Up now: Alexis. (To see the last installment, check out Jess P’s desk.) Name? Alexis Program? 3rd-year M.Arch Studio? Megalithic Robotics What’s on your desk? 1. Studio Project: “That’s my rock.” The Megalithic Robotics studio is studying Incan construction and digital fabrication. 2. Thesis Prep Readings: “I’m […]


Happy Hour tonight is in conjunction with Keller Gallery opening for NADAAA / Disciplined Negotiations with the Architectural Type. Hope to see you all there!

Notes from Mexico City

Gabriel Kozlowski, a SMArchS thesis student in the Urbanism program, travelled to Mexico City over MIT’s Independent Activity Period (IAP) this January. He writes about his travels from the centers to the peripheries of Mexico City examining neighborhoods constructed by an imported model of subsidized housing. We’ll hear more about how this project develops over […]