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DesignTechnology: SMArchS Colloquium 2014

Every Friday morning throughout this fall semester, the first year SMArchS students convene for the Architecture Studies Colloquium. This class is a forum: each week students from all six streams can engage in dialogue with a different visiting scholar, designer, or practitioner on matters of concern from across the vast architectural discipline. This year, the […]

Thinking about library spaces

Library spaces across MIT (Barker, Hayden, and Rotch Libraries) are being renovated – with particular focus on the library facilities in Hayden. Share your ideas!  Background information about the project can be found here. A recent article about the project can be found here. Monday, October 6, 6-7:30pm or Tuesday, October 14, 7-8:30pm Register here. […]

Post-Sustainability Talk at the MFA

Two weeks ago I made it across the river for a talk at the MFA by Mitchell Joachim, an MIT SA&P grad who, according to Rolling Stone, is changing America. Mitchell is co-founder of the non-profit design and research group Terreform One, based in Brooklyn. His talk focused on a number of projects in ecological […]

Extreme Tourism in Venice: A Conversation with Shun Kanda

In 2008, British economist John Kay proposed to the famed Venetian Academy to turn the lagoon city of Venice into a Disney theme park. Although the proposal was framed as “the most kitsch images about Venice and its future”, it certainly put many pressing concerns and realities of the city on the spotlight.  I happened […]

Open Studio: Masonry House

Hi everyone, Please join us for the next Open Studio, which will be: The Masonry House Studio! This will take place next Thursday, March 6th with Brandon Clifford and Yung Ho Chang in Options Studio 5-414. We have previously been working on developing an appreciation and a notion of craft towards the Masonry tradition, or as […]

UNDERWATER: Facts from an Aquatic Semester

So, this is my first semester of freedom at MIT. That is, the first semester where I was in charge of choosing all of my classes- no core studios, no required classes on how to make a grasshopper script, no droning lectures on planning theory. So I should be having a lot of fun, right? […]


Not to brag too much, but I have some friends doing pretty cool things out there in the world. One such friend, Alison, is writing for The Huffington Post food section and recently published an article, “International Foods That Are Hard To Find, From Fish Sperm To Duck Embryos.” Knowing that I’d been lucky enough […]