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Get your architectural sweatshirts!

The winners of the Course 4 shirt design competition are in! Click on the images to order your own! Sale open through Monday, March 23rd. Unrolled 4 Yes We Cantilever Share with your friends who love architecture, structures, puns, MIT course numbers, and laser cutting! Advertisements

Tiny Desk Interview! [Alexis]

We’re continuing with Tiny Desk Interviews this week! Up now: Alexis. (To see the last installment, check out Jess P’s desk.) Name? Alexis Program? 3rd-year M.Arch Studio? Megalithic Robotics What’s on your desk? 1. Studio Project: “That’s my rock.” The Megalithic Robotics studio is studying Incan construction and digital fabrication. 2. Thesis Prep Readings: “I’m […]


Happy Hour tonight is in conjunction with Keller Gallery opening for NADAAA / Disciplined Negotiations with the Architectural Type. Hope to see you all there!

Tiny Desk Interview! [Jess P.]

We’re bringing you a new series this semester! Tiny Desk Interviews, à la NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, will give you a brief glimpse into the studio spaces of MIT architecture students. These are the desks at which we eat, sleep, keep toothbrushes for all-nighters, glue ourselves to our models, cry, laugh, and have private dance parties, so it seems fitting […]


Last Friday architecture students ventured deep into MIT’s campus: down the infinite corridor to Hayden Library! It was a big change of scene from the typical one-minute walk between studio and La Verde’s, but food, fresh air, and an installation by two of our classmates beckoned. The installation, Unblocked, is a project by Evelyn Ting and Shiyu Wei, […]

Sidewalk Geometries

I’m taking a design workshop this semester with Tarek Rakha and Christoph Reinhart, a course called “Comfort in Motion” that investigates bikeability and outdoor thermal comfort in Cambridge. We’re in the process of developing a metric to assess bikeability, which has involved biking around the city and rating streets in categories such as street infrastructure, landscaping, […]

Architecture of the Marathon

In honor of Marathon Monday, I thought I would finally post some images from a few weeks ago. I’ve been training for my second Boston Marathon this winter (only somewhat successfully with the demands of Core II) and one weekend in March, I decided to document some of the buildings along the course as I ran […]