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THUMB PROJECTS: The Graphic Designer / Architect

Keeping with the spirit of Anon’s post from yesterday, I love Graphic Design. I think that its something that architects enjoy dabbling in because of its relative immediacy (it’s so quick compared to buildings!). And I totally agree that, generally, we need to step back and let the experts take over, (Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Beirut, […]

TYPEFACE BELL CENTENNIAL: Can architects really moonlight as graphic designers and landscape architects?

    Ink Traps and Dot Gain For years I had assumed that I could be a graphic designer. Never mind you that I’ve never had any training in graphic design nor worked professionally as a graphic designer, I just knew in my fingers that what I was doing was as good, if not better, […]

MEN (AND WOMEN) IN BLACK: our preoccupation with non-color

A recent conversation with Anon got me thinking about our preoccupation (as architects) with black clothing. We’re all familiar with the pervasiveness of the all-black architect’s attire. I’m pretty sure my instructor last semester, Meejin Yoon, never wore anything that wasn’t black to studio. I guess that means getting dressed in the morning is pretty […]

ON THE ROAD: Glitchy Panoramas

The workshop is busy! Today we went to visit the Sifang Collective on the outskirts of Nanjing. It was interesting, but maybe not for the reasons one would expect. Its a complex of about 20 buildings done by various, (mostly) famous architects: Steven Holl, Arata Isozaki, Wang Shu, Ai Weiwei, etc. The project was begun […]


Architects Making Weird Stuff: I think I may be the last person to learn about the Ostrich Pillow. Made by architects for everyone who wants to take a nap, the Ostrich Pillow generated 75K in Kickstarter Funds last fall and may be on its way to becoming a mainstay in next fall’s studio equipment list. […]


Every summer – and every January – MIT  offers  a few workshops to exotic destinations. I’ve watched my friends go to Japan, Fiji, El Salvador, Colombia, France, Italy, and a host of other places. Today I’m leaving for a three week trip to Nanjing for a workshop with Southeast University (SEU).   Should be good!

JETPENS: My stationary fetish

JetPens is my absolute FAVORITE online pen/stationery resource of all time. I have had a long-standing Japanese pen obsession, so I turn to jet pens to fill my jones for the Pilot Hi-tec C (omg, have you written with the .3 and the .4??!!), as well as the Frixion erasable pens/markers/and highlighters! I just placed […]