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nTERN: 4 weeks at nARCHITECTS MIT’s January Independent Activities Period (IAP) has come and gone but the memories from a month interning at nARCHITECTS will last forever. Me and a fellow MIT student joined the small and busy team at nA for four weeks of massing models, façade studies, render views, site models, and lots […]

Thesis Throwback: The Last Mile

A handy decision assistant for thesis students: a throwback to Marissa Cheng’s “The Last Mile” from Little Thesis #1 Volume 2 / Spring 2010. If you’re in pre-thesis now or next semester, read the full Little Thesis over IAP! Includes contributions, interviews, and essays by alums & faculty…

Missed a lecture?

Missed Amale Andraos’ lecture last week? With many thanks to our great lecture and website assistants, the architecture lectures are now available on Tech TV and also on YouTube.  

Hey! What’s your Thesis? [David]

David Moses talks North Dakotan oil economies and making lots of stuff in Hey! Thesis number 3. Who are you? David Moses   Hey! What’s your thesis? A time capsule of the oil-based economy in Williston, North Dakota.   How does thesis make you feel? Excited and terrified in equal measure.   Draw us a picture of […]

Hey! What’s your thesis? [BB]

The mysterious “BB” gets down with sea monsters and bourbon in our second edition of Hey! What’s your thesis?       Who are you? “BB”   Hey! What’s your thesis? Sea monsters for offshoring the belief of public salvation.   How does thesis make you feel? Like the great emancipation.   Draw us a picture of […]

Updates to Arch_Kiosk!

After a summer hiatus, Arch Kiosk is back and better than ever. AK is in the process of updating the site in ways that make it not only a hub for student interests and discourse, but also a compendium of student resources and events. Check out the new resources tab, top right- housing information about […]