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M.Arch Thesis – 2015

A second life for ArchKiosk! In an effort to make student work, theses in particular, more accessible we’ve gathered abstracts and links to the full thesis on DSpace below and on the department’s website, MIT requires all students to upload a PDF of the thesis document to the Institute’s depository, DSpace. Though this has created […]

Thesis Throwback: The Last Mile

A handy decision assistant for thesis students: a throwback to Marissa Cheng’s “The Last Mile” from Little Thesis #1 Volume 2 / Spring 2010. If you’re in pre-thesis now or next semester, read the full Little Thesis over IAP! Includes contributions, interviews, and essays by alums & faculty…


On September 18, Ana Miljački was joined by Hyungmin Pai for a lecture titled “Curatorial Confessions”. They discussed the curatorial process for the American and Korean Pavilions at the 14th Architecture Venice Biennale. Miljački was the co-curator for the American Pavilion, “OfficeUS,” along with Eva Franch i Gilabert and Ashley Schafer. OfficeUS looked at the […]

El Croquis for Sale!

The holidays have passed and as a new architecture student, I learned that relatives near and far want to send architecture books as gifts. It makes sense: there’s an abundance of architecture books out there and everyone loves a large-format book with pretty pictures. So, I received a few architecture books over the holidays. But, […]

Can MIT Architecture get a History?

A number of times since I decided to come to grad school at MIT, I’ve had people in the profession say something along the lines of “Huh, I haven’t heard much about MIT. They have an architecture school? Who’s the department head? What have they been up to?” I moved here from New York, where […]


Luigi Serafini really took on the idea that architects can be whatever they want with his 1981 completion of the Codex Seraphinianus; a two volume, 254 page tome describing an alternate reality through an invented alphabet and surreal illustrations. The book is divided into eleven sections forming an encyclopedia of Serafini’s imagined world; flora, fauna, […]

Printed Matter: Generation Press

To those Interested in Print, check out Generation Press. They are a graphic design consultancy/print shop stationed in London, UK. They have collaborated with many graphic designers from Europe such as Experimental Jetset, and Build. Take a look at their work here! Printed Matter is a bi-weekly segment on all things print. My goal is to create a […]