Open Studio: Masonry House

Hi everyone,

Please join us for the next Open Studio, which will be: The Masonry House Studio! This will take place next Thursday, March 6th with Brandon Clifford and Yung Ho Chang in Options Studio 5-414.

We have previously been working on developing an appreciation and a notion of craft towards the Masonry tradition, or as Brandon often refers to it, ‘respect’. Our case study begins with the exploration of various details within Sigurd Lewerentz’s St. Peter’s Church in Klippan, Sweden. Some teaser images follow below:

2014-03-01 19.31.08

2014-02-22 15.40.30

2014-03-01 19.30.16

2014-03-01 19.29.54

2014-03-01 19.30.06

So far, our studio has already discovered the importance of the ‘jig’ in masonry construction in conjunction with the potential for mortar to become both an element of forgiveness, and one of allowance. We have also discovered that compression is a must, and that uneven tension, within our bricks can lead to disastrous consequences. If this seems vague enough, or perhaps intriguingly interesting… it is because this is the intent [I don’t want to give it all away!].

The next step in our progress of development is to contribute to the future of building in masonry. We have ideas both as diverse, and complementary as issues of laser implemented jigs to what the value of ornament in todays architectural discourse may be, not to mention the potential for geometric sensibilities, ranging as far as the Boolean, aggregation or ‘error’, and the butt/cusp dichotomy.

For a more nuanced and commendable description of our group’s vault making processes please check out:


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