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For one day over IAP, reporters and a camera crew from Architect Magazine were floating around the school interviewing professors and filming workshops. Well, the video is now up! And, I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces. Architect Magazine only has the trailer up on their site as of now, but, you can watch the whole segment […]

#BestAnimal: Bringing Cute to the Final Weeks of School

I know everyone is feeling tired and a bit dispirited these days so I thought: “Time for the cutest blog post that’s every happened.” If you’re on Instagram follow the user “BestAnimal” or you can view it from your browser here:

Thesis Advisers: Choosing Mister or Miss Right

I’m working on my thesis. I think I mentioned that before. Its funny how people’s interest in what you’re doing during thesis seems to be in direct proportion to how soon they’ll be undertaking the thesis project themselves. I’d say the number one question I get is: “How’s it going with your adviser?” In my […]

INTERVIEW: Section Cut

This week, I’m interviewing my friends over at Section Cut, an online design resource curated by young professionals. Listen in! Q: What is Section Cut? There are a few dimensions of S|C but, primarily, we’re a collection of highly curated design resources that design students and professionals can trust, organized by categories and filters. Our […]

Some Kinetics

1. Facade Yesterday, the Core III studio hosted a lecture by Hauke Jungjohann, the director of Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering in New York. The firm has been working of a lot of large scale architecture, such as with Fuksas on Shenzhen city new airport, and with Grimshaw in developing a three-dimensional roof structure. We also […]

Architects Without Websites

I was looking for some information on the landscape architect Michel Desvigne the other day. Of course, one of the first hits from Google was his website, and I was happily surprised to discover its a business card website. Contact information only, and no pictures. It got me thinking- what other stubborn designers forgo a […]

WORDS WORDS WORDS: Making the internet write for you

Ok, maybe you can’t really get the internet to write you a paper without some serious ethical violations. But you CAN get it to produce some pretty interesting words. You know how sometimes you just want someone to give you an idea for your project? BAM. Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator. Here are some project concepts […]