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CONTEMPORARY DUTCH ART: Getting the most out of my Museumkaart

For my research project, I have been spending a lot of time wandering around museums and looking at Golden Age Dutch paintings. A lot. But, with my Museumkaart in hand, I have had the chance to make some forays into the more contemporary Dutch art world. And so far, I am impressed. Often I’m critical […]

Sketching: How I love (colour) pencils

As I was traveling around, I met a lot of architecture students or architects with their families in many places I visited. One thing I noticed were the two different ways we, architects, travel. First, on the fast-lane, which means that you’d go around as many buildings as possible in one day, probably spending an […]

TOP HITS: the Netherlands

Since I gave Paris a list, it seems only fair that NL should get one too, considering I’m spending most of my European adventure in Utrecht. Get ready! 1. The Urban Beach atop NEMO. Renzo Piano’s hulk of a building on the Amsterdam Harbor has a shallowly stepped roof with pools, lawn chairs, and hundreds […]

Embodiment of Health in Architecture: Air and Light 2

On my last post, I mentioned that I visited two sanatoriums during my summer travel, and did a brief article on Zonnestraal Sanatorium, Netherlands. The second one I’m going to share about is the Paimio Sanatorium by Alvar Aalto. During the peak of the TB catastrophe, around one-third of the Tuberculosis patients in Finland passed […]


If you’ve taken an architectural theory class, you’ve certainly read Foucault- and if you’re like me, at one point or another, you’ve been frustrated by  the feeling that there was an unnecessary lack of clarity. Turns out, there was, and Foucault fessed up to it too: Searle claims Foucault told him: “In France, you gotta […]

SAMURAIS!: Ancient Armor meets High Fashion

A few nights ago I went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston – Wednesday nights are free for the public (as an MIT student I always get in free )- to see the Samurai exhibit. All I can say is that you absolutely have to go see it. I had no idea […]

ON LAND, OVER WATER: The Thousand Places of the Boyle Family’s World Series

  It goes without saying that architects have been quite influenced by the work of artists and sculptors. Recently, I saw a few images of the work of the Boyle Family. Born in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Mark Boyle and Joan Hills and their two children Sebastian and Georgia, along with friends and collaborators such as […]