Monthly Archives: January 2014

IAP in Action

While some people are off having international adventures this IAP, January here in Cambridge has been just as packed with activity. A sample of some of the things happening at the School of Architecture and Planning this month: First year M.Arch students present three weeks of thermoform research and design (   A team of Masters […]

Microscopic Observations of Venice

Having only learned about Venice from secondhand accounts, postcard images and fictitious novels for a very long time, I finally had the opportunity to experience this beautiful city in person earlier this month. Built on stilts that suspend a ‘ground’ on top of the Adriatic Sea, I was always curious about how such a city […]

India Part 2: Zooming In

Our “Gujarat Waterscapes Workshop” started not in Gujarat state at all, but in Mumbai. Our first week began with meetings at AKPBSI, our partner organization, and familiarization with what I’ve decided will be one of my new favorite cities. Mumbai fits all of my criteria: colors, vibrancy, great food, local identity and global diversity. After […]

Playing with Plastic

First-year students are staying warm and busy over IAP this January with a three-week fabrication course focused on thermoforming plastics. We’ve been divided into two teams to design and build installations for the spring open house out of thermoformed plastic and a structural frame material. The course is an opportunity to become acquainted with the […]

India Part 1: Chennai

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing my adventures as I travel around Mumbai and Gujarat with a group of MIT Architecture and Planning students, as part of a workshop called “Gujarat Community Waterscapes”. Before getting my learning on though, I’ve spent the last couple of days with my sister in Chennai (which […]

El Croquis for Sale!

The holidays have passed and as a new architecture student, I learned that relatives near and far want to send architecture books as gifts. It makes sense: there’s an abundance of architecture books out there and everyone loves a large-format book with pretty pictures. So, I received a few architecture books over the holidays. But, […]