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Bogotá-Santiago-São Paolo-Mexico City-Barcelona

Five advanced studios have the great privilege to travel and visit studio sites during Spring Break. Students are currently in Bogotá, Santiago and the Atacama desert, São Paolo, Mexico City, and Barcelona! More photos + reflections to come. ‘The Radical De-substantiation of Architecture‘, considers the Atacama Desert in Chile, “both the ancient settlements in the San […]

Notes from Mexico City

Gabriel Kozlowski, a SMArchS thesis student in the Urbanism program, travelled to Mexico City over MIT’s Independent Activity Period (IAP) this January. He writes about his travels from the centers to the peripheries of Mexico City examining neighborhoods constructed by an imported model of subsidized housing. We’ll hear more about how this project develops over […]

UNDERWATER: Facts from an Aquatic Semester

So, this is my first semester of freedom at MIT. That is, the first semester where I was in charge of choosing all of my classes- no core studios, no required classes on how to make a grasshopper script, no droning lectures on planning theory. So I should be having a lot of fun, right? […]

Under-used Urban Parks in Barcelona

As everyone warms up for the first of week of the spring semester, I wish to share some interesting observations from the winter break trip. Along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is known for its lively urban-scape, and has undergone successive urban renewals over the past century. The introduction of wide boulevards and […]


Just one mile outside of Utrecht, NL’s historic (and highly adorable) city center, housing Utrecht University’s science and medical campu, de Uithof contains maybe the highest density of contemporary (st)architecture that I have ever observed. OMA, Weil Arets, and Mecanoo, just to name a few. And while I expected to be blown away by the […]

Toshio Shibata

I was at the Peabody Essex Museum last weekend in Salem, and saw a series of stunning large format photographs from the landscape photographer Toshio Shibata. So, speaking of the relationship between landscape and infrastructure…. The large format prints are far more impressive then these digitized versions, which don’t convey the scale of the prints […]

MIT Architecture Opened Its Doors and A Lot of People Came In

Last week MIT Architecture’s fall open house ballooned to twice its 2012 attendance numbers. While we’re not sure exactly what’s going on, it’s clear that there is a buzz.MIT is bursting at the seams! While the school has been quietly killing it for many years, recently we’re starting to feel the effect of the amazing […]