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nTERN: 4 weeks at nARCHITECTS MIT’s January Independent Activities Period (IAP) has come and gone but the memories from a month interning at nARCHITECTS will last forever. Me and a fellow MIT student joined the small and busy team at nA for four weeks of massing models, façade studies, render views, site models, and lots […]

#BestAnimal: Bringing Cute to the Final Weeks of School

I know everyone is feeling tired and a bit dispirited these days so I thought: “Time for the cutest blog post that’s every happened.” If you’re on Instagram follow the user “BestAnimal” or you can view it from your browser here:


Continuing on our voyage through the hearts and minds of MIT’s architecture students, we enthusiastically present you with original works of genius from the sketchy collection of Elizabeth Gálvez! Liz is in the Core III (i.e. the last Core, yay!) studio wherein students are designing a fish market along the Boston Harbor. WHO ARE YOU?! […]

Thesis Advisers: Choosing Mister or Miss Right

I’m working on my thesis. I think I mentioned that before. Its funny how people’s interest in what you’re doing during thesis seems to be in direct proportion to how soon they’ll be undertaking the thesis project themselves. I’d say the number one question I get is: “How’s it going with your adviser?” In my […]

What Do Fish Feel Like?

My first question is about this use of the word “we.” Who is “we,” and who are “we,” in this scenario? When I say “we,” I mean classmates in the Art, Culture and Technology program, which according to its mission statement is a “part of the Department of Architecture, within the School of Architecture + […]


I’ve been following these comics (see below) on and off for a few years, and it seems like a good time to tell other people about them. Each one has a distinct character but they are written by the same duo: Natalie & Drew. I’m not going to get too heady about them, but they […]

Weird + Wonderful Sketches : Barry

As a sneaky peek into the various (strange and amazing) brains of our classmates, we will be featuring random student sketches (chosen by the authors, naturally) every month. In our first installment of Weird + Wonderful Sketches (WORKING TITLE) we present…the prolific penmaster (and onetime Arch_Kiosk contributor) Barry Beagan. WHO ARE YOU?! Barry Beagan, 3rd […]