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Bruno Latour on Seeing, Arts CAST Symposium, September 26th 2014

In few words, the Bruno Latour lecture during the symposium had a simple message; Art, especially in relation to scientific matters, is a means by which more people can become sensitized to their surroundings. During the lecture Latour adamantly posed the question, “how can one make one-self more sensitive to [phenomenon]?” Here he uses the […]

Open Studio: Masonry House

Hi everyone, Please join us for the next Open Studio, which will be: The Masonry House Studio! This will take place next Thursday, March 6th with Brandon Clifford and Yung Ho Chang in Options Studio 5-414. We have previously been working on developing an appreciation and a notion of craft towards the Masonry tradition, or as […]

When Models Die

To architects models are important. Initially, we rummage around all the Blicks and Home Depots that Cambridge has to offer, and eventually we sequester ourselves around the studio, whether it be at our desk, a newly claimed work table, or even the nearest right-of-way for our fellow studio mates. Soon after, we begin to pour […]

IAP in Action

While some people are off having international adventures this IAP, January here in Cambridge has been just as packed with activity. A sample of some of the things happening at the School of Architecture and Planning this month: First year M.Arch students present three weeks of thermoform research and design (   A team of Masters […]

A Swedish Christmas

24 hours after our last Core 1 final last Friday, I flew to Stockholm with my parents to spend Christmas with my mom’s family. (And after an exhausting first semester, I was asleep within seconds for the transatlantic flight! Architecture school = guaranteed smooth flying.) We arrived a day after the darkest day of the […]


I thought I’d take a break from writing about lecture’s, but last week’s presentation by Bryan Young of Young Projects has kept me thinking about fabrication, diagrams, and even Pac Man, so I couldn’t resist sharing some of his projects. While the drawings, diagrams, and images were all inspiring, what made these projects stand out […]

ARCHITECTURE FOR DOGS: The Future of Drawing Delivery?

The other day I googled ‘Sejima House Plans’ and this popped up: It peaked my curiosity, so I clicked on it. A video started showing Sejima and that dog. It showed that what I had at first thought was the result of an eccentric visit to the groomers was actually an elaborate dog-bustier. It showed the dog […]