Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spring Break: Quito!

This week was MIT’s spring break. For myself and the rest of my classmates in the Media Lab’s “Quito Innovation Hubs” course, however, there would be no catching up on House of Cards or sleeping until noon. Rather, we spent the week exploring the surprisingly lovely city of Quito, Ecuador (latitude 0.00). We spent the week […]

Social Housing in Singapore

Social housing in United States has been recognized as poorly designed and constructed low-income shelters. However, the concept of public housing in Singapore is another story. About 85 percent of Singapore population live in social housing developed by HDB (Housing and Development Board). They are not considered as a sign of poverty, but rather as […]

Store-Bought Emotions

[This post includes reference to another blog post, ].   On the Friday before Spring Break, a few friends and I walked over to The Muddy Charles.  No, not the Charles River-that’s icy right now after all.  If you are still clueless about The Muddy, it’s a bar on campus.  A BAR ON CAMPUS! Yea, it exists. […]

Robots at the BSA!

Last Wednesday the Boston Society of Architects hosted the opening for their new exhibit, Volumetric Robotics, featuring work from a workshop at the MIT Department of Architecture taught by Brandon Clifford. The course explored the tradition of volumetric construction in ancient civilizations, a tradition lost in the economical veneer cladding typical today. The product is a collection of […]


For one day over IAP, reporters and a camera crew from Architect Magazine were floating around the school interviewing professors and filming workshops. Well, the video is now up! And, I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces. Architect Magazine only has the trailer up on their site as of now, but, you can watch the whole segment […]

Copters over New Jersey

Last weekend, my studio went on a site visit the New Jersey Meadowlands. Our project is an urban design/landscape project that mediates between the development pressures of this site (just 20 minutes from New York) and its environmental factors. At 31+ square miles, the meadowlands is one of the biggest estuarine marsh systems in the […]

Post-Sustainability Talk at the MFA

Two weeks ago I made it across the river for a talk at the MFA by Mitchell Joachim, an MIT SA&P grad who, according to Rolling Stone, is changing America. Mitchell is co-founder of the non-profit design and research group Terreform One, based in Brooklyn. His talk focused on a number of projects in ecological […]