Monthly Archives: September 2014

Thinking about library spaces

Library spaces across MIT (Barker, Hayden, and Rotch Libraries) are being renovated – with particular focus on the library facilities in Hayden. Share your ideas!  Background information about the project can be found here. A recent article about the project can be found here. Monday, October 6, 6-7:30pm or Tuesday, October 14, 7-8:30pm Register here. […]

Sidewalk Geometries

I’m taking a design workshop this semester with Tarek Rakha and Christoph Reinhart, a course called “Comfort in Motion” that investigates bikeability and outdoor thermal comfort in Cambridge. We’re in the process of developing a metric to assess bikeability, which has involved biking around the city and rating streets in categories such as street infrastructure, landscaping, […]

Happy Hour Tonight! 7PM, Long Lounge

Join us for tonight’s Bruno Latour themed happy hour at 7PM in the Long Lounge, immediately following his lecture at the CAST Symposium (you must already have tickets in order to attend this lecture). Food, beverages, and french philosophy will be served.


Literally. As in, purchase and apply to your body the new MIT Architecture 2014 T-Shirts! They were created by the winner of our T-shirt design competition, Carrie McKnelly of SMArchS Design & Computation. The T-shirts come in four (!) iterations: goldenrod, raspberry, cobalt, black, and long-sleeved charcoal. Get them while they’re hot over at teespring! As an added […]

Boston Events: Circus + BCA

Circus for Construction opened this weekend at the Harbor Arts Festival!  The Circus is a mobile event space traveling to several cities in the northeast this Fall and is designed and built by a group of five designers, including Ann Lui (SMArchS 14) and Larisa Ovalles (SMArchS 16). A number of us made it out to […]

Venice Biennale Part 1: In Pictures

This summer, I visited Venice to see the Architecture Biennale and was completely overwhelmed by the number of pavilions, the scope of projects, and the amazing city of Venice itself. Last year, along with many others at MIT, I worked on research for the US Pavilion so it was particularly amazing to see the work in its […]

Updates to Arch_Kiosk!

After a summer hiatus, Arch Kiosk is back and better than ever. AK is in the process of updating the site in ways that make it not only a hub for student interests and discourse, but also a compendium of student resources and events. Check out the new resources tab, top right- housing information about […]