INTERVIEW: Section Cut

This week, I’m interviewing my friends over at Section Cut, an online design resource curated by young professionals. Listen in!

Image courtesy of Section Cut

Image courtesy of Section Cut

Q: What is Section Cut?

There are a few dimensions of S|C but, primarily, we’re a collection of highly curated design resources that design students and professionals can trust, organized by categories and filters.

Our mission is to provide the best resources out there – which we achieve by asking only vetted, knowledgeable individuals for their top picks and what makes each so great. Our growing community keeps pushing the collection to new heights while maintaining the integrity of our standards.


Q: How did you come up with the idea?

We began the project after noticing the lack of a database of resources with a filter refined for designers. Robert took on the initial ideation and coding himself, but quickly realized an opportunity to leverage the expertise within his network of friends and colleagues. The need to vet multiple design decisions and shear amount of elbow grease required resulted in the formation of our team.

Image courtesy of Section Cut

Image courtesy of Section Cut


Q: Tell us, briefly, who composes Section Cut?

Section Cut is a registered LLC with four operators – Robert, Jono, Kyle and Dan. We hold specific roles in social marketing and development, graphic identity, content, codework, and legal operations. But really, S|C is organized as a growing community of trusted S|C Curators – grad-school mates, teachers, mentors, professional colleagues from within our combined networks. We consider the sum total of this community, from those following us on Facebook, to our Contributors and Giants, the S|C family.

Image courtesy of Section Cut

Image courtesy of Section Cut


Q: What exactly is a Giant?

Simply put, we’re planning to interview some of the most celebrated design-thinkers in both practice and academia, and feature their favorite design resources on the site. We are really excited to speak with these folks and find out their faves, but even more so to share their perspective with other young designers who look up to them.


Q: How does your team work together, being based on the West Coast, East Coast, and the Great Lakes? What is the biggest challenge?

We meet twice a week for video conferences, and maintain a punch list/calendar/dropbox very diligently. The most challenging aspect is probably that we’re so passionate about the project – we have much more on the way! Its a constant struggle to stay disciplined, limit scope creep and to work efficiently in the context of our day jobs – but a labor of love indeed.



Q: So, what parts of your site are most relevant to busy architecture students? How is Section Cut unique from other online architecture resources?

Current design students are our primary audience! Our DIGITAL resource section cues up tutorials and graphic resources that really work. The ANALOG section primarily highlights the best books and journals of our discipline (so they can invest their scant resources in things that will last!). HOW TO unpacks step by step, common workflows or inspirational projects that designers engage. The ability to purchase many of the resources with a click-through from S|C gets the material in-hand fast.

Image courtesy of Section Cut

Image courtesy of Section Cut


Q: Give us three links to the most fun and interesting parts of your site.

Begin browsing our Collection:
Engage in a complex workflow (or submit your own):
More information about how we roll:

Thanks to Dan, Kyle, and the rest of the crew at Section Cut for their participation!


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