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Literally. As in, purchase and apply to your body the new MIT Architecture 2014 T-Shirts! They were created by the winner of our T-shirt design competition, Carrie McKnelly of SMArchS Design & Computation. The T-shirts come in four (!) iterations: goldenrod, raspberry, cobalt, black, and long-sleeved charcoal. Get them while they’re hot over at teespring! As an added […]


Continuing on our voyage through the hearts and minds of MIT’s architecture students, we enthusiastically present you with original works of genius from the sketchy collection of Elizabeth Gálvez! Liz is in the Core III (i.e. the last Core, yay!) studio wherein students are designing a fish market along the Boston Harbor. WHO ARE YOU?! […]

Weird + Wonderful Sketches : Barry

As a sneaky peek into the various (strange and amazing) brains of our classmates, we will be featuring random student sketches (chosen by the authors, naturally) every month. In our first installment of Weird + Wonderful Sketches (WORKING TITLE) we present…the prolific penmaster (and onetime Arch_Kiosk contributor) Barry Beagan. WHO ARE YOU?! Barry Beagan, 3rd […]

Robots and Virtual Reality

Bot and Dolly is a multi-disciplinary robotics studio in San Francisco. They use architectural 3-D animation and modeling software like Maya, Rhino, and Grasshopper to connect physical space with digital space using robots, cameras, and projectors. Check out the mind blowing video below. To me, this video shows that the space between digital and physical […]

The Paper Architecture of Brodsky and Utkin: How building construction and fantasy coalesce.

I recently stumbled across the drawings by Alex Brodsky and Ilya Utkin during my web browsing. Both were Russians and I’m not sure if they actually ever built things, but they produced a lot of paper architecture, i.e. projects that spring up, mostly, from fantasy and the delight in drawing experience. Back in the 1970s […]

CHRIS BALLANTYNE: Leaving Lines Behind

In the last few weeks  I’ve been scouring the internet in search of images that convey the tone that I’d like my thesis to have. Tone is a slippery thing, so I’ve been adding and subtracting images with the aid of Pinterest (which contrary to popular belief has more than just thinspiration). In my search […]

ODE TO BOB SLATE: Who makes the perfect notebook?

It is NOT easy to find the perfect notebook. I’ve gone through several brands bought from several different continents and I have to tell you, I’m still hunting. I just spent a good hour a Bob Slate on Thursday, and although I walked away with a few options, I’m still dreaming of the day that […]