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Some Alternatives

Having gone through a number of studios in the last five years has made me aware that iteration is an important part of the design process. Sometimes, one has to draw things out completely before s/he understands there are other alternatives to one idea. I recently stumbled across images of alternative proposals of some built […]


I don’t want to generalize, but it seems that most people – and particularly most architects – love things in miniature. Do we gravitate to the very tiny because we’re accustomed to building things at scale to test them, or is it just because they’re adorable? For today I thought I’d do a survey of some […]

Thesis Notebook: Air Supply Systems

As I’m researching on more things for my thesis (looking at the agency of air in the context of polluted environment), I’ve stumbled across a few interesting facts. One thing I did last week was to look at ways clean air is supplied or generated under different conditions. I decided to look at different system, […]

CONTEMPORARY DUTCH ART: Getting the most out of my Museumkaart

For my research project, I have been spending a lot of time wandering around museums and looking at Golden Age Dutch paintings. A lot. But, with my Museumkaart in hand, I have had the chance to make some forays into the more contemporary Dutch art world. And so far, I am impressed. Often I’m critical […]

TOP HITS: the Netherlands

Since I gave Paris a list, it seems only fair that NL should get one too, considering I’m spending most of my European adventure in Utrecht. Get ready! 1. The Urban Beach atop NEMO. Renzo Piano’s hulk of a building on the Amsterdam Harbor has a shallowly stepped roof with pools, lawn chairs, and hundreds […]


Well, I have to admit that my watch list of late has revolved around New Girl and Mad Men. Not very enlightening.. So, inspired by Anon’s read lists, I thought I’d just share what books I’m currently exploring in my new-found “free time”: Lizzie’s Read list Summer research: Embarrassment of Riches, Dutch Townscapes of the […]

LIST-O-RAMA: Eran Ben-Joseph

> Current Read List: > – Escape: “Back to Blood” by Tom Wolf > – Wits: “Pattern Formation in Urbanism” Olgu Caliskan’s PhD Dissertation > – One step ahead: reddit > – Morning Coffee: Boston Globe > – Vegging: yelp > Current Watch list: > – Escape: 360 Panoramas- > – Wits: Shepard Fairey […]