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LaVerde’s, The Musical

In a recent conversation about LaVerde’s, one of my faithful followers, Gico Nuida, told me that one of his favorite parts about trips to LaVerde’s is the awesome 90’s music that’s always playing when he walks in there. In contrast to the monotonous polyline trimming in a dark, cold CRON room, this music always brings […]


 When you graduated high school, did your yearbook have a spread of “superlatives”?  Where people would get recognized (or condemned) for a certain characteristic?  I don’t remember what mine had…I think there was a lot of controversy around it and people were worried about offending people or leaving people out. I mean, we were all raised on […]

Store-Bought Emotions

[This post includes reference to another blog post, ].   On the Friday before Spring Break, a few friends and I walked over to The Muddy Charles.  No, not the Charles River-that’s icy right now after all.  If you are still clueless about The Muddy, it’s a bar on campus.  A BAR ON CAMPUS! Yea, it exists. […]