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A Swedish Christmas

24 hours after our last Core 1 final last Friday, I flew to Stockholm with my parents to spend Christmas with my mom’s family. (And after an exhausting first semester, I was asleep within seconds for the transatlantic flight! Architecture school = guaranteed smooth flying.) We arrived a day after the darkest day of the […]

Thesis Reviews 2013 (aka Core 1 is over!)

We survived Core 1! It was a draining semester but attending thesis reviews last week was a much needed reminder of what’s to come and just how many paths there are to take within the MArch degree. Here’s some photos from the day.


Where I’m from, its winter more than its any other season. So naturally, we make the most of it: winter festivals, celebrations of the Finnish god of winter Heikki Lunta, and one of the largest ice sculpture competitions in the world. One of my favorite part about these ice sculptures is their temporality- the idea […]

Final review season

Last week was final review week for studios at MIT, which Lizzie posted about yesterday. Core I came first, on Monday afternoon, which freed us up to observe some of the other great work happening here. Fellow classmate and co-Monday Arch Kiosk blogger Jess and I took Wednesday afternoon off from our other finals to […]

Core III Final Review!

As you may have guessed by the petering out of posts over here at Arch Kiosk, this was final review week at MIT. My studio was no exception; this week we finished the third of three Core studios in our sequence. Our day featured fishy-themed snacks related to our fish pier adaptation proposal, multi-media presentations […]

#BestAnimal: Bringing Cute to the Final Weeks of School

I know everyone is feeling tired and a bit dispirited these days so I thought: “Time for the cutest blog post that’s every happened.” If you’re on Instagram follow the user “BestAnimal” or you can view it from your browser here:


Continuing on our voyage through the hearts and minds of MIT’s architecture students, we enthusiastically present you with original works of genius from the sketchy collection of Elizabeth Gálvez! Liz is in the Core III (i.e. the last Core, yay!) studio wherein students are designing a fish market along the Boston Harbor. WHO ARE YOU?! […]