RE-CONFIGURATION: Phone Bloks and Inaqui Carnicero

In case you missed it, this past Friday as a part of our architecture design lecture series we had Spanish architect Inaqui Carnicero (of Pitch House fame) in the AVT. We actually had a lot of amazing lectures this week- I also especially enjoyed Francine Houben of Mecanoo and Landscape Architect/Planner Fadi Masoud.

Inaqui introduced his talk with a video about a concept for a new phone that would allow you to pick from a kit of parts to personalize and update your phone over time.  I’ve actually been meaning to post about this product for a while:

Phone Bloks

Phone Bloks conceptual system

The Phone Bloks system proved to be a surprisingly apt analogy for a couple of Carnicero’s projects- Hangar 16, and the Revolutionary House. While the idea of flexible or re-configurable architecture is certainly nothing new (see my post about the Reitveld Schroeder house in Utrecht), Hangar 16 provides us with an incredibly successful contemporary built example.

Hangar 16 Inaqui Carnicero

The Revolutionary House project, an operable building that can fold up into a 5 x 5 x 5 meter cube, is still in R&D, but if successful will be an exciting addition into the contemporary discussion on prefabrication.

Inaqui Carnicero Revolutionary House

Inaqui Carnicero Revolutionary House


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