Monthly Archives: April 2014

Architecture of the Marathon

In honor of Marathon Monday, I thought I would finally post some images from a few weeks ago. I’ve been training for my second Boston Marathon this winter (only somewhat successfully with the demands of Core II) and one weekend in March, I decided to document some of the buildings along the course as I ran […]


 When you graduated high school, did your yearbook have a spread of “superlatives”?  Where people would get recognized (or condemned) for a certain characteristic?  I don’t remember what mine had…I think there was a lot of controversy around it and people were worried about offending people or leaving people out. I mean, we were all raised on […]

It’s Always Sunny in New Haven, Connecticut

A few weeks ago, Core 2 studio ventured across New England to sunny New Haven, Connecticut. It’s tempting to say the best part of the day was a huge pizza feast at Bar (rumor has it New Haven pizza beats slices in NY), but even on a full stomach, walking around the city was lovely. And, […]