Monthly Archives: August 2013


To usher in a new age of personal solidarity, I bring you this blog post to celebrate the mantra ‘fake it till you make it.’ A recent internet dérive led me from high boutique to the far more obtainable Taiwanese knock-off. Purchased on amazon, this quick fix can arrive at your studio within 3-5 […]

ODE TO BOB SLATE: Who makes the perfect notebook?

It is NOT easy to find the perfect notebook. I’ve gone through several brands bought from several different continents and I have to tell you, I’m still hunting. I just spent a good hour a Bob Slate on Thursday, and although I walked away with a few options, I’m still dreaming of the day that […]


After three years of a very old, and consistently crappy Motorola, I’ve finally upgraded to the HTC One (which was just released on Verizon this Friday).  I know what you’re thinking; why would you spend $200 on something that’s not an iPhone! I can’t say I didn’t consider it, but the truth is, competitors have […]

The Emerald Necklace + Olmsted

Riding from Cambridge, down across the BU bridge and skimming right across from REI, if you make a right turn either on bike or on foot, you’ll get dumped right into the start of the Emerald Necklace. While the name Emerald Necklace isn’t unique to Boston—apparently part of the Olmstead designed park system in Chicago […]


Nursing the woes of my first flat tire in Cambridge I started researching – is there a plan for all this madness?!  Turns out there is, a five-year initiative that starts now, but please note *based on budget predictions that are uncertain.

JUST FOR FUN: Infinite Reflections and the perfect jeans

After 20 straight hours of trains, planes, and buses, I finally returned to my Somervillian home this weekend. While I’m settling back into/ catching up on my real life, I thought I’d share a fun Dutch discovery; Infinitely Reflecting Mirrors! An excellent strategy for spicing up a plebian space and/or dizzifying you into buying more […]

Larz Anderson

This weekend I was able to visit the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in nearby Brookline. I decided that it was a great idea to ride my bike out there, and while I didn’t anticipate having to climb that last hill, the journey was worth it.   1) I got to ride through the Emerald Necklace, […]