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A continuation of our engaging, entertaining, and always informative interview with the master of the Arch_Kiosk mailing list: 2. What is the best thing that arch-kiosk has done for you? (stuff you’ve acquired through the list, people you’ve met, life experiences you’ve had, etc…) Haha, I love how you framed the question. Lemme dig through […]

THE FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT TRIFECTA: Revolution!, Freedomland and Drawing Surfaces

As the students in the department know, we are not lacking for things to do at MIT. The amount of interesting lectures, symposium, gallery openings, book launches (and on and on) can feel like going to school in a place with great weather that you don’t have the time to enjoy. There is so much […]

CATALOGUED: An Obsession with Collection

I admit it: I am an internet stalker. It’s an insatiable hunger that manifests in a bursting mental file cabinet of partial facts and missing links. I read somewhere that because of the internet, we are retaining less and less information. For instance, how many of you would actually remember your best friend’s birthday if […]

WEDNESDAY FUN DAY: with Marx and Engels

Favorite: Look fab during famine. NEWSFLASH, ahem architects, Anarchism might be the new black!

SLOBODAN RADOMAN (Part 1): Your Neighborhood Spammer, Explained.

I’m sure most of you have noticed the emails that you receive from Slobo. They usually start with a strange request and sometimes (if you’re lucky) end in oddly long and public dialogue about the banalities of the law. While many of you (the lucky few!) might know Slobo personally, I’m willing to bet that […]

LOPSIDED: MIT Architecture. However you want

Ok. So I’ve thought about it: They question of “why MIT.” And, it all came down to numbers: Actually, the good ole ratio. I like to maximize absolutely everything: What does it mean to get the best price on lumber? How can I make sure I’m using the best software for that rendering? How can […]


Just as the weather begins to warm, we can get back to winter chills with Tettamanti’s beautiful landscape photographs, so surreal they look like paintings. This is going on my post-thesis adventure list (among my first visit to Mass MOCA and the thesis shows at Bard CCS).