Monthly Archives: February 2014

There and Back Again: An MBTA Adventure

Our site for Core 2 is Lechmere Station, the end station of the Green Line. Right now, we’re designing a roof over the current station, and we’ll spend the second part of the semester designing a library at the station’s new location when the Green Line extension to Somerville is constructed in 2017. The site […]

UNDERWATER: Facts from an Aquatic Semester

So, this is my first semester of freedom at MIT. That is, the first semester where I was in charge of choosing all of my classes- no core studios, no required classes on how to make a grasshopper script, no droning lectures on planning theory. So I should be having a lot of fun, right? […]

First Open Studio in MIT School of Architecture

This Thursday afternoon, the doors of Building N10 were open not only to its frequent occupants, the students of SUPRABLOCK studio and professor Anton Garcia-Abril, but also to other students and professors at MIT. Along with coffee and snacks, students presented their work and opened up a series of conversations to all visitors. It was the […]

Hamburg Part 1: HafenCity

Driving through Denmark, transferring to a 40 minute ferry ride, and then continuing on through the northern German countryside via the Autobahn is not a bad way to arrive in Hamburg. The weather was meh, but I enjoyed the city quite a lot and kept thinking that I should revisit in the summer – it’s […]

GETTING OUTSIDE: Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

As we circulate between buildings 7, 9, and 10, with the occasional trip to the grocery store or the GSD, its easy to forget that we live in a globally significant city. So, as an attempt to expand my bubble before the semester hits me hard, I trekked across the river this weekend to see […]

Too Many Architects in the Kitchen: Dumpling Edition

This weekend some of us MIT Architecture students got together and learned how to make dumplings. First, one begins by mixing the filling: shredded pork, cabbage, and some green onion. You must take the filling and center it on the dumpling wrapper. Then comes the hard part, an issue of form. You must decide how […]

Super House

Last Friday I was excited to finally get to see a project I’d been hearing a lot about. In my two years working at an architecture firm in Boston, I became involved with Passive House New England, a group of local building professionals interested in high-performance design. The Passive House Standard originated in Germany and […]