JETPENS: My stationary fetish

JetPens is my absolute FAVORITE online pen/stationery resource of all time. I have had a long-standing Japanese pen obsession, so I turn to jet pens to fill my jones for the Pilot Hi-tec C (omg, have you written with the .3 and the .4??!!), as well as the Frixion erasable pens/markers/and highlighters!

I just placed an order for a stapler that folds up to look like a pen and also a new fountain pen. What makes JetPens even better than—dare I say—a real stationary store like Univeristy Stationery or Bob Slate, is that they actually have a way larger stock and they have images of all their goods as objects and in action. Thus, if you’re not sure of how big a pen is, what kind of line it’ll make, or want a color swatch, JetPens has all that documented for each pen, pencil, or marker that your little heart could desire.

JetPens is a great place to browse all things stationery : notebooks, clips, scissors, glue, pens, wood pencils, mechanical pencils, lead holders, gel pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pencil cases, pencil bags, pen refills, pencil refills, pencil sharpens, even pencil caps! I don’t think I’ve managed to list everything they carry and I would suggest that if you need to relax with some brainless web-surfing, bring up their website and go to town.

Oh. And BTW, they also have a blog!


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