WORDS WORDS WORDS: Making the internet write for you

Ok, maybe you can’t really get the internet to write you a paper without some serious ethical violations. But you CAN get it to produce some pretty interesting words.

You know how sometimes you just want someone to give you an idea for your project?


Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator.

Here are some project concepts you can dazzle your critics with on Tuesday:

-strategize successional rhizomes

-sediment rogue operations

-ratify dynamic armatures

For those of you who like to make books, and are sick of all that lorem ipsum up the wazoo, add some hip to your dummy text:

“Hipster Ipsum: Artisanal filler text for your site or project”

Choose from Hipster, Neat -or- Hipster with a shot of Latin.

Homepage of Hipster Ipsum

Homepage of Hipster Ipsum

Here’s some Hipster Ipsum to fill me up to my 250-word quota:

Flexitarian YOLO ethical, PBR nesciunt cray cupidatat quis pariatur aliquip Terry Richardson cornhole 3 wolf moon church-key. Roof party kogi four loko Intelligentsia shabby chic et. Gentrify Banksy tofu church-key ad PBR bespoke velit, enim you probably haven’t heard of them aute keffiyeh qui selfies brunch. American Apparel cornhole scenester, in fingerstache distillery swag. Placeat fashion axe cliche selvage actually, Austin chambray Vice aesthetic Terry Richardson asymmetrical slow-carb. Asymmetrical Helvetica kale chips food truck, veniam adipisicing sartorial. Yr raw denim literally id.


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  1. I used it today!

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