Some Kinetics

1. Facade

Soma Expo 3 Soma Expo 4

Yesterday, the Core III studio hosted a lecture by Hauke Jungjohann, the director of Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering in New York. The firm has been working of a lot of large scale architecture, such as with Fuksas on Shenzhen city new airport, and with Grimshaw in developing a three-dimensional roof structure. We also saw a recent project done with soma architects (, based in Austria, for a pavillion with a kinetic facade in Korea. The moving panels were built from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, which were made with manual labour force. Here is a video showing this as built project:

2. Interior

For people who live in Hong Kong, space is quite a treasure. Here are some pictures commissioned by the Hong Kong Chinese human rights organisation, to show how cramp the domestic space can be, despite of the 2012’s survey that include Hong Kong as one of the most inhabitable cities.

HK Apartment 1 HK Apartment 2 HK Apartment 3 HK Apartment 4 HK Apartment 5

This reminds me of a transformable apartment interior project in Hong Kong that was done by Gary Chang a while ago. This apartment is only approximately 32 m2 and can be reconfigured into 24 variations of space to allow for all things you ever want your house to have. Growing up, Gary had to share this space with sometimes, 5 people, when he had to wait before he could use the bench as his bed in the middle of the space. 

I wonder if this is will increasingly become a viable solution for density in cities: Our walls get thinner as it becomes wider, allowing for hollow load-bearing walls to store the hidden furniture and mechanisms. The other thing is that apparently Gary managed to increased the value of this tiny property from $45,000 to one that’s worth $1,3 million.

3. Building

Dynamic Tower 1

The last one is a proposal, which I think is purely about bourgeois lifestyle. A rotating tower designed to be built in Dubai, see if for yourself:

Now, obviously, I don’t think I’d mind living in this cool apartment and wake up with a different view everyday, but hang on, what if the electricity went off?


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