MAPS & NL: Thoughts on cyberspace and Dutch-ness

Internet cable map

Internet cable map

In lieu of a fully fledged post, as I am settling into my temporary home in Utrecht, NL (an amazing city by the way, more on that another week!) I’ll share a few things on the interweb that caught my eye this week.

Trying to keep in touch with folks back in Boston got me thinking about how that Skype feed really gets from one continent to another. Well, its through a network of not-so-big (and no so many) cables, approximately 2-3 feet thick. Just think how much information is whizzing through them at any moment.

This cool map shows you the connects- click on one to see its individual route:

Submarine Cable Map

Also, here’s a fun video on why the Netherlands is an amazing place to spend your summer! (It’s hilarious, you should really watch it, then buy a plane ticket and come visit me in the Netherlands!)

Holland- The Original Cool

 Holland Original Cool


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  1. […] Those cables that bring internet under the ocean are only 2.7 inches wide. And most of them arrive at one building in London (the […]

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