Spring Break: Quito!

This week was MIT’s spring break. For myself and the rest of my classmates in the Media Lab’s “Quito Innovation Hubs” course, however, there would be no catching up on House of Cards or sleeping until noon. Rather, we spent the week exploring the surprisingly lovely city of Quito, Ecuador (latitude 0.00).

We spent the week running around on mountainsides, church rooftops, and spanish-colonial plazas galore. Features included dinner with the archbishop, shopping for assorted alpaca wool home goods, a gondola ride up the mountain, collaborating with a class at Quito’s Catholic University, and more amazing ceviche than I’ve ever consumed in my life.

Now, to catch up on all the work I didn’t have time to do!



IMG_6250 IMG_6131 IMG_6163IMG_6283 IMG_6382 IMG_6512 IMG_6536 IMG_6567 IMG_6454  IMG_6158IMG_6725 IMG_6735 IMG_6741 IMG_6780 IMG_6820 IMG_6866 IMG_6883 IMG_6889 IMG_6920 IMG_6931


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