my re-introduction to Erwin Hauer

During the August Pre-Orientation Workshop (offered to new students with limited architecture background), our instructors showed us some inspirational slides to get us excited for our first assignment – creating and then replicating an odd-sided polysurface.

One image immediately jumped out as familiar. Where had I seen that distinct and complex pattern?


Erwin Hauer – Design 1 – Standard Hotel, NYC

I wracked my brain for a few minutes and then remembered. Two summers ago I was walking through The High Line in New York and passed by the exterior of the Standard Hotel lobby. The complexity of the pattern and the way it was lit, both by the evening street light and from the artificial interior light, caught my eye. I snapped a couple photos on my phone and continued on. I saved the photos, but I never investigated further. Thankfully, fourteen months later, I learned what I had seen was Design 1 from Erwin Hauer’s series Continua Architectural Screens and Walls.

How many other times have I seen, photographed, and forgotten about designs and artwork that I encounter out in the world? This question made me long for a better way to catalogue pictures so they don’t end up lost beneath photos of friends, food and cats. Suggestions welcome!

If you’re interested in seeing one of Hauer’s patterns closer to home, Design 110 is in the East Wing of Boston’s MFA and a comprehensive list of installations can be found on the Erwin Hauer website.


Erwin Hauer – Design 1 – Standard Hotel, NYC

Design 110 - MFA Boston

Design 110 – MFA Boston – photo credit


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