GET READY! Fall Open House, Thursday October 31st

Open house is an exciting time; new faces, fresh ideas, and a chance to re-evaluate who we are and what we’re doing at MIT Architecture. The Spring Open House was a deciding factor in my decision to attend MIT- I resonated with people here and the ideas they were sharing.

So, in my ever-dorky eagerness, I’m excited to share what makes MIT Architecture special with a new batch of prospective students. If you’re a prospective MIT-er out there, here’s a few things you can expect at the Open House this Thursday (Halloween!).

-Dialogue with faculty and students (we want to talk to you!)

-Student reviews (Core I will be reviewing their temporary installations through the department, and Core III has a midreview for our semester-long Boston Fish Pier proposal)

-Swag! (Among my many occupations at MIT- Architecture student, Planning student, eater of free food- I’m a publications assistant for the Department of Architecture, and we have some really exciting books coming your way!)


MIT Architecture Fall Open House Schedule

MIT Architecture Fall Open House Schedule

2011 Fall Open House Installation; James Coleman, Andrew Manto, Craig Allen Boney

2012 Fall Open House Installation; Sixto Cordero, Rachel Himmelfarb, Luisel Zayas, Austin Ansingh, Enas Alkhudairy


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