The Paper Architecture of Brodsky and Utkin: How building construction and fantasy coalesce.

I recently stumbled across the drawings by Alex Brodsky and Ilya Utkin during my web browsing. Both were Russians and I’m not sure if they actually ever built things, but they produced a lot of paper architecture, i.e. projects that spring up, mostly, from fantasy and the delight in drawing experience. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, they were not alone, but accompanied by the likes of Archigram, Archizoom, and Superstudio too. I enjoy looking at them as they remind me of the dark Piranesian etching, and I find them liberating in the sense that they speak about the power of space and ideas — not escaping from reality, there is still ideas of gravity, construction rationale, and enclosure. I wonder if our architecture education should combine this more often. A recent MIT studio that did this was taught by Alexander D’Hooghe and they asked the students to imagine an ideal city based on certain philosophers, whose ideas they chose to embody in the design, e.g. Kant, Freud, etc. Kyle was in that studio and I’m sure he can say more on this.

So, here are images of Brodsky and Utkin’s work that I could find online. Hope you enjoy them!


P.S. There is apparantely a 128-pages book on their complete works published by Princeon Architectural Press back in 2003. They are currently sold at $325 in Amazon; I never knew that
paper architects can be richer than the real architects.

Amazon Book page of Brodsky & Utkin’s book


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  1. Good news! Even if I can’t own the book, at least I can ogle it by checking it out from Rotch:

    Rotch Library – Stacks | NE2056.5.B864.N47 2003

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