Sketching: How I love (colour) pencils

As I was traveling around, I met a lot of architecture students or architects with their families in many places I visited. One thing I noticed were the two different ways we, architects, travel. First, on the fast-lane, which means that you’d go around as many buildings as possible in one day, probably spending an hour or less on each site. Second, the slow-lane, where one takes time to absorb a place, an environment, and details — not necessarily by passing through, but by staying, touching, and recording.

During my summer travel, I did both but I think I’m more towards the slower-lane, hence the decision I mentioned on my first July post — that I decided to bring a few sketchbooks — and I found out that I like to use pencils, graphite as well as with colours. What I love about the colour pencils is that they don’t give you fine lines like pens — a bit less defined and definitely not technical, and they say something about the nuance of a place or certain views recorded. Here are a few of my rapid colour pencil sketches.

IMG_0463 IMG_0462 IMG_0461 IMG_0460 IMG_0459 IMG_0458 IMG_0457 IMG_0456 IMG_0453

Another technique I was taught by my studiomate, which I didn’t actually try, is to use colours from hot drinks, e.g. coffee, chocolate, or tea. First, you brew the drink, then spill some onto the pages and use it as a wash, or leave some when you finish, then dip your brush into it.


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