THUMB PROJECTS: The Graphic Designer / Architect

Keeping with the spirit of Anon’s post from yesterday, I love Graphic Design. I think that its something that architects enjoy dabbling in because of its relative immediacy (it’s so quick compared to buildings!). And I totally agree that, generally, we need to step back and let the experts take over, (Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Beirut, Paula Scher all come to mind).

But just like any rule, there are notable exceptions. I have loved the work of Thumb Projects for a long time, but it wasn’t until this year that I realized that both principals, Luke Bulman & Jessica Young, are Master of Architecture graduates. How fun! If you haven’t seen their work before, which might be challenging if you’re an architecture student,  I’d start with the recently published Mansilla & Tunon book, From Rules to Constraints. I also love 39 Difficult Questions for Stefan Sagmeister. For me there is an elegant simplicity to these books that sets them apart from similar offerings. The graphic hierarchy is present but subtle. If you poke around their website you’ll see that they’ve made some excellent posters, exhibits  and identities as well. And oh look, MIT’s lecture  series!

The work of Thumb Projects


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