TOP HITS: the Netherlands

Since I gave Paris a list, it seems only fair that NL should get one too, considering I’m spending most of my European adventure in Utrecht. Get ready!

Urban Beach at NEMO- Renzo Piano

Urban Beach at NEMO- Renzo Piano

Urban Beach at NEMO- Renzo Piano

Urban Beach at NEMO- Renzo Piano

1. The Urban Beach atop NEMO. Renzo Piano’s hulk of a building on the Amsterdam Harbor has a shallowly stepped roof with pools, lawn chairs, and hundreds of Amsterdammers trying to get some beach sun without leaving the city. Possibly one of my favorite contemporary urban spaces yet!

2. Bike Culture: compact, flat, Dutch cities are perfectly cycle-able, and the Dutch treat biking like walking. And, unlike Boston, you don’t feel like cars our out to get you!

3. Museumkaart: This little 45 euro card allows you to see ALL of the museums in the Netherlands for FREE. It’s amazing! I’ve been to at least 10 so far, including the Rijksmuseum, Kunsthall, and…

Reitveld Schroder House

Reitveld Schroder House

4. The Rietveld Schroder House: so cool in real life! Gerrit Rietveld considered every nook and cranny with incredible care, and the sliding walls transform the space in incredible ways. Also, did you know they become lovers later in life? #archigossip

5. Fresh Mint tea (verse muntthee): basically, several handfuls of mint leaves in hot water, and the most delicious beverage I have ever drank!


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  1. […] the idea of flexible or reconfigurable architecture is certainly nothing new (see my post about the Reitveld Schroeder house in Utrecht), Hangar 16 provides us with an incredibly successful built […]

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