LISTINGS: What does a list tell you?

Whether on Spotify or David Letterman, the list is curated picture window into the interests and idiosyncrecies of its author. Generated from scratch, the list can have a theme, remind you of what you have to do, and inspire you to think another way. For this week’s anonymous post, we asked MIT Architecture Head Nader Tehrani to share what he’s been reading and watching:


Nader Tehrani’s Readlists and Looklists: May 14, 2013


1- School: Architecture School: Three Centuries of Educating Architects in North America, Joan Ockman

2- Travel:  Shah Abbas, The Ruthless King Who Became an Iranian Legend, Bavid Blow

3- Toilet: New Yorker: The Political Scene, The Middleman, Colorado’s governor finds himself leading his state to the left. Ryan Lizza

Profiles: The Chaos of the Dice, Raffi Khatchadourian Cartoon Caption Contest

4- Office: Detail. Vol 2013,2. Restaurant Extension in Olot



1- Delayed Viewing: The Downfall, with Bruno Ganz ( I first viewed all the satires last year)

2- Bed: Netflix: El Aura directed by Fabián Bielinsky

3- Google Image/You tube: Goats on trees, Goats on Rams, Goats on Horse

4- Documentary on Rapper, Hichkas: https://


It’s obvious that even the act of making this list is a creative one for Nader.

Tune in over the next few weeks for more lists…


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