A Beacon on the Hill

Roof of Center for Life Science, Boston

Roof of Center for Life Science, Boston

Roof of Center for Life Science, Boston

On one of the site visits of the real estate elective (11.354 Real Estate Products Seminar) that I am taking this term, the class was given a tour of a private bio-medical R&D tower in Longwood, where Harvard Medical School and numerous hospitals and research facilities are located. The building, Center for Life Science, is one of the higher masses in the precinct and it is quite present in the Boston skyline as seen from MIT’s side of the Charles

The roof is particularly interesting: Behind the curtain wall extending beyond the building mass proper is a three to four-storey-high mass of HVAC equipment, which is also rentable space for the R&D tenants so that they could bring in their own systems when they move in.

Another curious detail is that the curtain wall is equipped with floodlights. Reportedly, the City loves high-rises when they are floodlit at the top and how they become beacons in the Boston skyline – perhaps along the lines of the Prudential.

Now you know the story, in case you ever wondered when you stay up late as mid-terms come and go, and you take breaks staring at the night-time Boston skyline.

Boston - Longwood Skyline

Boston – Longwood Skyline


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