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Lectures & Events — March 28 – April 1

A busy week of lectures and events coming up… Anna-Sophie Springer: Curating the Anthropocene: A Palimpsest of Species and Spaces March 28 | 6 PM, E15-011 | ACT Lecture Series   Arguing that current matters in natural history are messier than some of the most compelling scientific and artistic representations seem to suggest, Springer will […]

Bogotá-Santiago-São Paolo-Mexico City-Barcelona

Five advanced studios have the great privilege to travel and visit studio sites during Spring Break. Students are currently in Bogotá, Santiago and the Atacama desert, São Paolo, Mexico City, and Barcelona! More photos + reflections to come. ‘The Radical De-substantiation of Architecture‘, considers the Atacama Desert in Chile, “both the ancient settlements in the San […]

M.Arch Thesis – 2015

A second life for ArchKiosk! In an effort to make student work, theses in particular, more accessible we’ve gathered abstracts and links to the full thesis on DSpace below and on the department’s website, MIT requires all students to upload a PDF of the thesis document to the Institute’s depository, DSpace. Though this has created […]

An Artist Who Unbuilds to Build — Christianna Bonin

As part of the guest post series, PhD student Christianna Bonin writes on the current exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts center, “Katrín Sigurdardóttir: Drawing Apart”. See it before the exhibition closes on April 12! — AK I employ architecture to describe places; I copy architecture to redraw and re-experience a moment. Whereas the […]

Notes from Mexico City

Gabriel Kozlowski, a SMArchS thesis student in the Urbanism program, travelled to Mexico City over MIT’s Independent Activity Period (IAP) this January. He writes about his travels from the centers to the peripheries of Mexico City examining neighborhoods constructed by an imported model of subsidized housing. We’ll hear more about how this project develops over […]

Guest Post: Qalandiya International Art Biennial

Nisa Ari, a PhD student in the History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture program, writes on her research trip to the Qalandiya International Art Biennial. – AK — Last October, I had the good fortune to be in attendance at the opening events of the Qalandiya International Art Biennial, which took place across Palestinian […]

Guest Post: Inside the Walls of Fez

Lina Kara’in (BSA 2015) writes for ArchKiosk on her trip to Fez, Morocco with Cristina Parreño Alonso’s Fall 2014 undergraduate studio, Platforms of Exchange in the Medina of Fez​. – AK — The medina of Fez, Morocco is a place that stimulates your senses like no other, with haunting and beautiful sounds, infinite rainbows of color, and unfiltered […]