THE FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT TRIFECTA: Revolution!, Freedomland and Drawing Surfaces

As the students in the department know, we are not lacking for things to do at MIT. The amount of interesting lectures, symposium, gallery openings, book launches (and on and on) can feel like going to school in a place with great weather that you don’t have the time to enjoy. There is so much much! Which is exactly why Friday night events are so liberating: you don’t have to make the choice between working and participating, you can just go. Every Friday we get together for beer and (usually) pizza, but every now and then we also have something else to celebrate.


Tonight, the newest issue of the department’s journal Thresholds (Revolution!, edited by MIT’s Ana Maria Leon) is being released with a bang and, more importantly, tacos. But thats not all! MIT’s Michael Kubo and frequent guest critics Chris Grimley & Mark Pasnik (who collectively form Pinkcomma) are opening their new exhibition Freedomland at their space in the South End (make sure you don’t accidentally go to their old office, they moved!). Freedomland is a curated version of Keith Krumweide’s amazing thought-experiment that takes Toll Brothers developer homes and mirrors and melds them into bizarre residential amalgams set within bucolic paintings. Finally, SMArchS Computation alum Carl Lostritto’s work – Drawing Surfaces: Computing and a Vintage Pen Plotter – is on display at NADAAA, department head Nader Tehrani’s office, also in the South End. If you haven’t see Carl’s work, you probably just don’t realize that you have seen it, but you still need to see it again, and you need to see it in its original form. Carl’s drawings were the cover of MIT’s Testing to Failure and the main image of last semester’s lecture poster. In person, his originals – both in concept and in the art-world sense of the term – are inspiring to say the least.


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