A continuation of our engaging, entertaining, and always informative interview with the master of the Arch_Kiosk mailing list:

2. What is the best thing that arch-kiosk has done for you? (stuff you’ve acquired through the list, people you’ve met, life experiences you’ve had, etc…)

Haha, I love how you framed the question. Lemme dig through my inbox to check all the emails since 2004;)

… I got 3 illegal softwares (and a bunch of ridiculous emails that followed up with it expressing concern), 2 dates, 7 project suggestions, a lot of fundraising cashish (for my friends from China and Afghanistan), great “Hi” emails from colleagues/friends as far as Hawaii or South Africa, catch up messages with my lovely professors, stimulating youtube links… pretty cool, eh?!

3. Your emails are always silly and lighthearted — what do you think we should do as a community to become more AWESOME and FUN?

Haha. I cannot but remember one of the emails some big ASC shot sent out stating that, for the Open House, we should show them (the incoming students) how cool we could be. I appreciated the sincerity despite the rather political position.

If I could ever have a say, I would trash some of the core assignments propose an interdepartmental student competition. It would mix up the students, make everyone enjoy the potential of this place, and do it right away, so students get to know their colleagues – their future collaborators – rather then schmooze with professors only, to say it politely;). I could imagine proposing a wicked cool mirror which would be attached to the door of our main elevator – it would be great to spend all those minutes waiting for the elevator and being able to look at ourselves (as a group) and see all the stress, the desire, the pride, the lush, the blackness, the smiles… And then some bits and atoms genius from our crowd could record this, somehow. And then we could compare this to moments throughout different events in school.

Also, students should come trash my Boardman Mansion for a very cheap party and great times… I recall having BBQs and drinks in my house, sponsored by the Dept. Mixing of Professors and Students in a real environment…

An alternative is to do absolutely nothing. Resist the motion and hope for the next generation to make things better. You decide.



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