DUMBO: Down Under the (windy, cold, noisy, wet) Manhattan Bridge Overpass

New Year. New City. New Commute. New York. My IAP internship has brought me to New York City for a month long stint at nARCHITECTS. Their office is, as you guessed, in DUMBO, a neighborhood that not only reminds us of a flying elephant but is also dramatically nestled between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

View from High Street

View from High Street

It seems fitting that each morning I pass under, through, and around these great testaments to engineering and construction.

Under the expressway

Under the expressway

My view of these two structures changes dramatically as I make my way from the subway to my office building. At times they frame the East River and Manhattan. As I make my way down into DUMBO, the relationship inverts and they become framed by the new and old office buildings in this historic neighborhood. Then, more suddenly than I expect, I am the object being framed. I pass under the mammoth arches supporting the Manhattan Bridge. My favorite view, however, is the glimpse of the top of the Manhattan Bridge I see from my work station. After all, it’s inside.


Manhattan Bridge


The one-and-only


View down Front Street in DUMBO


Nice arch


Cold day in DUMBO


Manhattan Bridge from my workstation


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