Studio Marfa goes to Texas

Last weekend, my option studio (taught by Hrvoje Njiric) traveled to our site in Marfa, TX via El Paso. This was only my second visit to Texas, and I was impressed by the vastness of the West Texas Chihuahuan desert. Marfa, famous for its installations by Minimalist artist Donald Judd, was also interesting for its social combination of border patrol agents, ranchers, artists/art tourists, and Mexican migrants.

Our design project, sited on the Northern edge of Marfa, is for multifamily housing. In light of our visit, we are trying to align the need for low-cost housing (obliterated by the purchase of vacation properties by art tourists) with the low-density-single-family character of the small town.

_MG_0702 _MG_0709 _MG_0727 _MG_0745 _MG_0755 _MG_0775 _MG_0759 _MG_0787 _MG_0861 _MG_0868 _MG_0915 _MG_0922 _MG_0986 _MG_1002 _MG_1027


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